Matin Exclusive Brands

New Arrival

Dade Pardaz Rayaneh Matin

Owner of , Kingstar, Sibraton, Lonark & Exclusive Agent of Remax, Haylou, QCY, Energizer, Silicon Power (SP), Apacer, & Kodak in Iran

Biggest Provider of Storage Solutions in Mobile and Computer industries
& Mobile accessories, Gadgets, Fidgets and Power Solutions in Iran

  • Founded: in year 2002
  • Number of Staff: 170 person
  • Service Center :16 office in all around of Iran
  • Member of: IT union & Association of Computer organization

Matin’s Activities:

  • All Sizes of Speakers (Portable, Home, Camping ….);
  • Different types of Powerbanks;
  • Different kinds of Data/Charge Cables;
  • Wide range of Smart Gadgets (Watch, Body Scale, Earbuds, Headphones ….);
  • Gaming Products (;
  • All kinds of storage solutions in the mobile and computer industries;
  • After Sale Services according to international standards and customers’ needs.

Matin’s favorable performance in last years made us as one of

  • Best Forwarder of IT Market.
  • Our Best activities provided the required structures for issuing:
  • ISO 9001 (Quality management) and
  • ISO 10002 (customers’ satisfaction) by NORDTUV.
  • and …

Quality Strategy:
Furthermore, DPR Matin is following below purposes:

  • Gaining customers’ satisfaction using preventative actions and providing the requirements
  • Improving human resources’ knowledge and skills
  • Expanding company portfolio
  • Improving the quality of the company’s services
  • Improved and innovating New Customer Services.
  • Expanding its business in emerging markets

Matin Warranty offices

Cantral Office: No. 376, Beheshti St., Tehran, Iran

Tell: +98 (21) 87706 EXT(120)

After Sale Secvice Central Office: Unit 44, 4th Floor, 141 Buld., Palestin St., Tehran, Iran

Tell: +98 (21) 66175260